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On October 20, 2014, a person pretending to be from "Rogers Communications" submitted a false copyright claim to YouTube on videos of Dr. James Sears speaking, and McMahon and Bussin catfighting. These videos were going viral until they were taken down. The culprit knew it takes ten days for YouTube to "investigate" the complaint. In other words, the election will be over by the time the videos are back up. Dr. James Sears is an honest Christian man and a retired Canadian military officer. Committing false witness is immoral. Come back here each day to check if the videos are working, but in the meantime scroll down to the cartoon which explains why Bussin and McMahon are afraid of those videos. We have no proof of who was behind the fraudulent video takedown, but we have our suspicions.
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WATCH: JAMES SEARS Ward 32 Councillor Candidate, St John the Baptist Norway Church DEBATE, Oct. 7, 2014 Part 1:

WATCH: JAMES SEARS Ward 32 Councillor Candidate, St John the Baptist Norway Church DEBATE, Oct. 7, 2014 Part 2:

WATCH: JAMES SEARS Ward 32 Councillor Candidate, St John the Baptist Norway Church DEBATE, Oct. 7, 2014 Part 3:

WATCH: FRUSTRATED & DESPERATE!! Mary-Margaret McMahon & Sandra Bussin CATFIGHT at Ward 32 debate, St John the Baptist Norway Church Oct. 7, 2014:


WATCH: JAMES SEARS END FLUORIDE, Toronto Vote James Sears for Ward 32!

WATCH: JAMES SEARS Ward 32 Councillor Candidate CRUSHES Mary-Margaret McMahon at the Rogers TV ALL CANDIDATES DEBATE on September 23, 2014:

WATCH: Sizzle Reel of JAMES SEARS Ward 32 Councillor Candidate At Applegrove Community Complex ALL CANDIDATES DEBATE on October 2, 2014:

James Sears explains how 8,000 city employers are on the "Sunshine List" of public servants earning over $100,000 per year. With benefits, these civil servants cost us over $1 Billion per year. City of Toronto collects $3.7B of property tax. That means 27% of your property tax goes to these 8,000 people:

James Sears explains how corrupt politicians disconnected most of the drinking water fountains in public parks and parkettes around the GTA in order to help bottled water manufacturers gouge the public. He also talks about the dangers of fluoride and lead in drinking water:

James Sears explains how men are more suited to the dirty game of politics than women, and how female politicians must sell their souls to participate. He also explains why dykes like Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne can function in politics because they have a pseudo-male constitution:

James Sears explains how community-destroying airhead "Mary-Margaret McMahon" wants to build a path through Kew Gardens to encourage low income families who picnic at the waterfront, to walk up to the posh stores on Queen Street. Somehow she thinks that these people are going to save businesses on Queen Street:

James Sears explains why we must defund special events such as "Gay Pride". He also explains how we can slash Toronto property taxes by 2% overnight by trimming the salaries and overtime of the 8,000 city workers on the "Sunshine List" of government workers collecting over $100,000 per year:

James Sears explains how Marxists only cooperate when there is a gun or fist in their face, but since violence is not legal, we must use the art of Intimidation and Public Shaming to persuade these Godless lefties to do the right thing:

James Sears explains how Marxists promote mediocrity in order to keep society dumb and obedient. He also outlines his plan to tax religious and non-profit property owners, then direct the revenues to seniors living below the poverty line as a "Dignity Dividend":

WATCH: JAMES SEARS, Ward 32 Councillor Candidate with Arthur Smitherman and Bahman Yazdanfar on Independent Nation in High-Definition Video!

WATCH: JAMES SEARS Ward 32 Councillor Candidate debates Paul Bell--Campaign Ethics, Israel, Gay Dildo Candy in High-Definition Video!