This prophetic 1948 cartoon, directed by the producers of The Flintstones, warned Americans about the dangers of the type of Marxism practiced by Mary-Margaret McMahon.  Please use it as an educational tool for your children and as part of a deprogramming regimen for your leftie friends and family.  Pass it along to everyone you know:


WATCH: JAMES SEARS END FLUORIDE, Toronto Vote James Sears for Ward 32!

 Here are some preliminary working platform highlights that I will fight to accomplish during my first and only term (the list is by no means complete and I am open to additional suggestions, provided they are rational and they respect the taxpayers) ...

 -Immediately cease adding toxic fluoride to Toronto's drinking water (evidence of the toxicity of fluoride has been around for years, and most recently a Harvard University study showed that fluoride can be just as harmful as lead or mercury, and caused brain damage in children, lowering intelligence by around 7 IQ points). 

 -Stop giving grants to special events and festivals which polarize the community or promote non-Christian values.

 -Slash the salaries of all councillors and trustees to $70,000 per year (the approximate median wage of workers in Toronto) with the eventual goal of phasing out councillors' salaries all together.

 -Cap the maximum salary of anyone in municipal government to $140,000 per year (double the median wage).  Did you know that almost 8,000 people employed by the City of Toronto are on the "Sunshine List" of people making over $100,000 per year, with about 3,200 of them in Toronto Police Services, 1,400 at the TTC, and 2,200 at the Toronto & Catholic school boards?  Police Chief Bill Blair alone makes about $370,000 a year!

 -Order the TTC to reduce fares back to 2010 levels in order to reduce the burden on low income families.  They can cover the shortfall by slashing the breadth and pay of their top-heavy executive branch and by finding efficiencies throughout the system.

 -Conduct thorough forensic audits of all branches of city government in which "overtime pay" is being abused, and hold branch heads personally accountable for such abuses.

 -Pass the "Cast The First Stone Anti-Hypocrisy Bylaw" to help prevent wasteful revenge-driven fiascos, like city council's "Crackgate" crucifixion of Rob Ford. This law would require all city councillors and officials who are expected to vote on motions or sit on committees, to undergo regular, random drug and alcohol testing. Substances being tested for will include a whole range of mood-altering prescription medications which I, as a doctor, will provide a list of. Prescription drugs will include popular anxiolytic, antidepressant, and hypnotic medications, all of which ...

  • Flatten the emotions of individuals, making them incapable of mustering zeal toward an important issue.
  • Numb the feelings of individuals, making them unable to feel empathy towards others and therefore appreciate the human impact of their decisions.
  • Impair the short-term memory of individuals, thereby drastically increasing the chance of serious errors during work.
  • Impair the cognitive function of individuals, thereby impairing their judgement.

When taken within a short time of consuming alcohol, the effects of these drugs are markedly accentuated. The alcohol/drug testing bylaw will NOT BAN consumption of mood-altering substances by city officials, nor will it result in any enforcement or proceedings against those found to have consumed such substances. Rather, its sole purpose will be to provide the voting public with full disclosure as to the drug and alcohol consumption of their elected officials, so that the public can decide if such consumption conflicts with the mental or emotional state that they expect their elected officials to be in when making decisions on city matters.

 -Increase the threshold for obtaining a "handicapped vehicle permit" or "street permit".  As a doctor, I can tell you that 19 out of 20 people who obtain these permits DO NOT DESERVE THEM!  Their doctors are committing FRAUD!  Doctors signing off on these permits should be reported to the CPSO.  Also, if a person is too weak or impaired to walk few extra meters after exiting their vehicle, then they are too weak or impaired to be driving at all.  Furthermore, "Designated Disabled Street Parking Spaces" have become a blight on Ward 32 in that they severely interfere with constituents who possess regular street parking permits. 95% of the time these "disabled" spots lay vacant, causing drivers to burn toxic gas as they drive around the block, over and over again, looking for a parking space.

 -Maintain the Municipal Land Transfer Tax at present levels FOR NOW.

 -Slash a total of 2% ($74M) from the $3.7B of property tax that is collected each year, with 1% ($37M) rebated to residential tenants and gross lease commercial tenants (obviously net lease commercial tenants will receive the full 2% rebate). We can EASILY find $74M per year of savings in the budget.  Just as a quick example:

  • slashing each of 44 councillors' pay to $70K saves $1.54M (also attracts better councillors)
  • slashing the mayor’s pay to $140K saves $35K
  • me not taking the $70K reduced pay saves $70K
  • slashing Bill Blair's pay to $140K saves $230K (he'll live)
  • ceasing fluoridation saves $1.9M (also makes us all healthier)
  • de-subsidizing "gay pride" saves taxpayers $140K (if each participant chipped in a loonie or if just 25,000 participants each drank one less martini a year, they'd have the money)
  • de-subsidizing Caribana saves taxpayers $525K (tourists from across North America will still flock to Toronto and spend their cash, even if the floats are a little less flashy) 

Just those 7 items save taxpayers $4.44M (6% of our goal), less what my Area Captains are paid.  There's gravy EVERYWHERE!!!  If we reduced the salary of the 8,000 people on the "Sunshine List" by an average of a paltry $9K each, we would SURPASS our property tax and rent reduction goal!

 -Freeze taxes at the above level for the next 5 years, ignoring the ludicrous mantra that the property tax rate must "rise with inflation". This sacred credo is a Marxist Gravy Trainer SCAM because the mere act of raising property taxes in turn results in property owners passing those costs down to tenants, thereby CREATING inflation. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy because in the next year inflation which is created through the previous year's tax increase forces taxes to rise AGAIN to keep up with it. Like the vicious hyperinflation caused by FIAT money creation and fractional reserve banking, this revenue-generating model is unsustainable.

-Base the amount of commercial property taxes on tenant mix, i.e. a storefront with a family-friendly retail tenant should pay less property tax than a storefront with a dive bar in it; in other words, landlords should be incentivized to rent out retail space to businesses which benefit the community, and if the tenants are paying a proportional share of property taxes in a building, a family-friendly tenant should pay less that one which promotes delinquent behaviour.

 -Give better non-monetary support to BIA's, set strict financial standards which include caps on operating costs, and allow the city to conduct forensic financial audits of BIA's that appear to be corrupt or inept.

 -Acknowledge the special status of dogs in our society.  Toronto should set the example for all municipalities in North America, and bestow upon ALL DOGS the same status and privileges that are given to service dogs.  We should give a restaurant the right to allow dogs on its premises, the same way restaurants are permitted to do so in most European countries. The restaurant would ultimately regulate what size of dog would be permitted in their establishment, and where the dog would stay while his/her guardians dine. Our Shih Tzu "Mountain Bear" comes out to the living room to call me to dinner, I pull a chair out for him, he sits on it, then dines with the family, eating off of a plate that is set for him.  He is courteous, quiet, and never rests his elbows on the table (though he DOES stare at everyone's food in a very creepy way).

 -Charge a "Jesus Tax" equivalent to 10% of what normally should be paid in property tax, to owners of all properties that are presently exempt from paying property tax due to being owned by religious institutions or other qualified "non-profits". This tax would require the cooperation of the provincial government, who would have to amend the Municipal Act to allow such taxation. 100% of tax collected from these properties will be equally disbursed amongst all elderly in the GTA who are collecting Old Age Security pensions, as a monthly supplement added to their pension payments, if they have a total taxable income below $20,000 per year. The payments will be referred to as "Dignity Dividends" and will not be subject to tax. As for those of you who might object to taxing these institutions, please remember that these "Houses of God" are supposed to be directing all their excess cash to helping the homeless, poor, cripple, elderly, etc. The vast majority are not. I will assume that they do not know how to go about helping the needy, so they need a little guidance from me and Jesus!

 -Institute a common sense approach to parking enforcement in Ward 32.  The Draconian, quota-driven way in which the parking bylaws are applied MUST CEASE AT ONCE!  Until City Hall starts to respect vehicle owners, as a temporary stopgap measure, I will provide anyone living in Ward 32 with a workaround to defeat most parking and speeding tickets. I am acquitted on 100% OF MY PARKING TICKETS by evoking the Charter of Rights in cases where it has taken an exorbitant amount of time to arrange a trial date (which for me has been 100% of the time).  I will provide anyone who can prove they live in Ward 32 with a simple template they can utilize to file the necessary legal motions to defeat these nuisance tickets. You never have to serve anyone in person ... you serve the Ministry of the Attorney General, Department of Justice, City Prosecutor, and Office of the Trial Coordinator, all BY FAX from the comfort of your own home, just before your trial. When you show up on the day of trial, watch the prosecutor squirm and fold up like a wet paper bag, then withdraw the charges. Yet be forewarned ... he will make you wait until THE END OF THE DOCKET so that the other, naïve citizens, who were pressured into pleading guilty before you, do not FREAK OUT ON HIM on realizing that their charter rights were RAPED!  By the way, the last parking "enforcer" I defeated in court ticketed my car as the engine was running and my wife was sitting in it, when I quickly ran into Carload vegetable market.  She was given no verbal warning to move!

 -Charge much heavier levies to real estate developers.

 -Give preference to real estate developers who can prove that they have ties to the ward in which they want to develop; for example, they have lived in the respective ward for at least 5 years.

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 -Most developers are GREEDY, MANIPULATIVE SLEAZY MEN!  I am the only candidate running in this election who has the knowledge, intelligence, balls, and sheer gall to OUTSLEAZE THE SLEAZEBALLS!!!  I will ensure that all development matters are rapidly moved along at City Hall so as to avoid the 180 day drop-dead time limit, at which time developers are permitted to escalate their proposals straight to the OMB and avoid the municipality all together.  It all comes down to properly allocating resources.  If a developer is somehow able to make it to the OMB, thereby attempting to bypass the will of Ward 32 constituents, I will coordinate and lead a unified front of opposition to the proposal at the OMB (I will not pretend to lead the charge, only to covertly sabotage it in exchange for kickbacks from the developers like Marxist Mary).

 -Make it mandatory that developers, at THEIR cost, mail every household within a 2 km radius of a proposed development, a kit containing a DETAILED synopsis of what is to be developed, 30 days before the first municipal meeting is held on the proposed development, including a checklist of concerns and a self-addressed postage-paid envelope addressed to the councillor for that ward.