James Sears, Defender of Wildlife!

Lover of our raccoon neighbours.

    I have been flooded with emails from Ward 32 residents who are gravely concerned about a potential mass slaughter of our most vulnerable neighbours--THE RACCOONS. I have responded to each and every one of these emails, but I also feel that the issue is so important that it deserves a public statement; in depth and from my heart.

    Raccoons are highly intelligent sentient beings that live in family units. Studies have shown that a family of raccoons lives within a defined territory for its entire existence. The raccoons you encounter within a couple of blocks of your home are the descendants of raccoons that have lived there for generations.  The great-great-great-great-great-grandpa of the raccoon that pops out of your garbage bin, likely popped out of a aluminum can on the same street in the 80's. They have just as much right to live free and pursue happiness as we do.

    Specifically, I DETEST the sterilized feel-good term of "euthanasia". In the same way "collateral damage" is used in war and "termination of pregnancy" is used for abortion, when it comes down to it, IT IS ALL MURDER!  I will NEVER support that.  It is a slippery slope. What is next?  "Euthanasia" of the elderly?  You may think that such inferences are far-fetched, but recently a radical FemiMarxist pro-abortion advocate in Europe came out with a research paper backing the EUTHANASIA OF CHILDREN if mothers cannot afford to care for them, as a logical extension of abortion. HOW SICKENING! The fight to save the lives of the raccoons is a moral, philosophical fight against the Marxist mantra of murdering any human, animal or plant that stands in the way of their agenda.

    I was born in Toronto 51 years ago. Other than a career as a Medical Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, I have lived here all my life. I have resided on the second floor of the same home on Kew Beach Avenue for 11 years. Throughout my time in Toronto, I have had fond memories of raccoons co-existing in peace with me and my family.

    If a family of raccoons is out of control (let us say they are possessed by Satan) then the solution is for them to be trapped ... but not just trapping the adult causing the mischief, because the babies will starve to death waiting for the adult to return. Instead, we have to trap them in the fall when the babies are all grown up, and keep the traps out in the same area for weeks in order to sequester THE ENTIRE FAMILY. Then reunite them all together and ship them into the wild as a family unit. That is the ONLY solution I would support, but ONLY as a LAST RESORT.

    Furthermore, do not pay any attention to homicidal Marxists who say that raccoons spread rabies. It is RARE for a raccoon to have rabies. I cannot remember the last case in Ontario.

    Also, we must reject calls by Mayoral Candidate Olivia Chow for raccoons to be "Spayed & Neutered" (feel-good Marxist terms for physical mutilation leading to species Holocaust).  We are NOT being terrorized by a marauding pack of rabid dogs, running wild in daylight and attacking humans. We have no ethical right to rip the gonads out of raccoons that co-exist peacefully with us. Out of principal, I have not mutilated my Shih Tzu "Mountain Bear" and I would never commit slow genocide on the raccoons. What will be next? Sterilizing homeless people who rummage through dumpsters? Sterilizing the poor in exchange for social assistance? Just think about it. Like most Marxists, Comrade Chow is devoid of empathy and is merely suggesting a politically correct "final solution" because it is NOT TECHNICALLY "euthanasia". If you are going to go to all the trouble of trapping raccoons for "spaying & neutering", then skip the mutilation and relocate them to the wild!

    Finally, other Ward 32 Councillor candidates may agree with me on this issue, but I am the MOST AGGRESSIVE Ward 32 Councillor candidate regarding saving the raccoons from murder. If you want to save the lives of the raccoons, it is important to elect a Councillor PASSIONATE about the issue. Let me explain why...

    Due to a mass influx of immigrants into Toronto from countries where animals are regarded as mere chattel, or worse yet, where dogs are eaten, 60% of Toronto residents FAVOUR MURDERING THE RACCOONS. In the end, if the majority of Councillors back murdering them, then it will not be a ward by ward "culling" ... the bylaw will be CITY WIDE, INCLUDING WARD 32, even if your Councillor voted NO!

    Therefore, it is imperative for you to elect a Ward 32 Councillor who speaks eloquently and passionately on the issue, so as to sway other Councillors to side with protecting all of God's creatures.

    James Sears
    Councillor Candidate
    Ward 32

    P.S.  Here is some trivia that the Marxist social engineers will NOT teach your children in school. Which country was the first one in the history of the world to BAN cruel animal testing and vivisection? Answer: Nazi Germany. Hitler was a staunch vegetarian who detested the abuse of animals. So, if the Nazis can protect animals,