LET'S GO! Get involved and join my civilian defense force.

It's time to take back our Beaches from Marxist Mary...

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In addition to my platform points, I will provide constituents an interactive online trouble ticket management system which will concentrate on REAL issues affecting the ward (sorry Marxist Mary, but "man-made global warming" will NOT be on the agenda). The site will allow constituents to upload their complaints instantly, then monitor the status of their complaints in REAL TIME. The complainant will decide if the ticket is confidential or can be accessed by the general public. If a ticket is opened for too long, then I will received an alert, and contact the sector Captain to expedite the matter.

Submitting ward issues in this manner will be less intimidating for many people that would otherwise not pick up the phone. Also, it allows them to organize their thoughts better than in email format, because there will be a standard template offered. Also, unlike an email, they will have proof that the matter was not lost in red tape. Furthermore, the site would explain every single pending City Council vote in clear, concise language, and include PDF's of all pertinent legal documents and meeting minutes. Development proposals would also be on the site.

The above site will include a "Ward 32 Internet forum message board" where constituents will be able to discuss Ward issues with one another. Eventually, it could be harnessed to facilitate a "direct democracy" model where votes by Ward 32 residents who's avatar has been verified as a member of the ward could be used to gauge sentiment on various issues, thereby bypassing Neo-Marxist mainstream media bias.

The ultimate goal is to move democracy away from an inefficient "location-based" model run out of a downtown building, to a more efficient "virtual" model run out of the web site. I would also hold virtual town hall meetings online.
The list goes on and on.  If you want to know everything that I am capable of, vote for me, and to quote that Marxist flowerboy Pierre Trudeau, "Just watch me" (if you're too young to remember the quote, Google "Pierre Trudeau just watch me" and view the clip ... sorry Justin ... you WISH you were Pierre.  Your dad was smooth!)

And remember ... unlike my two main opponents (McMahon and Bussin), I am not a career politician and therefore I will be very open to suggestions from the general public. If a suggestion makes sense, maintains respect for the taxpayers, and is in keeping with Jesus' teachings, I will consider it!

One last matter to discuss: Mayor Rob Ford. I like the man. He has his heart in the right place, but due to substance abuse and bad advice from the people around him, he lacks focus and his agenda has been hijacked. If elected, I will take Mayor Ford under my wing, and help him focus on annihilating gravy.

I will turbocharge his agenda by teaching him how to compartmentalize each issue and create highly informative yet digestible sound bites with which to captivate and rally the citizenry around said issue. I will teach him how to turn the media into his personal bitch.

Trust me, the man needs an advisor like me.  I will use the expertise and powerful mind-control methods I normally reserve for turning wimpy men into suave seducers, and instead apply them to the psychological seduction of Toronto city council.  Before these Marxists know what hit them, budgets will be slashed, taxes will be drastically cut, and they will all be eating out of Mayor Ford's hand!

I need YOUR help to make this happen. REAL people in the community fed up with Marxist Mary and the socialist tax-and-waste bureaucratic money changers in City Hall.

Since you read my website, it's time to stop hiding behind your keyboards and help me take action to clean up the mess spilling out while I derail the gravy train.

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